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And if you are up for a thrill… extreme sports in Andorra!

In Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees, you will be surrounded by mountains… the perfect place to practice extreme or adventure sports!

Cross-country ski: the adventure starts surrounded by the peace of the woods.

The cross-country ski is a very complete body sport. It consists of sledding on the snow, climbing in a movement similar to walking, helped by hand sticks. It is a healthy adventure sport, suitable for everyone. The equipment is quite similar to the regular ski one, but the boots are not fixed by the heel to the ski, to be able to allow the ascent walking. All the equipment is available for rent. The cross-country ski practice will take you through snowy forests, or slope brims, enjoying the most breathtaking sceneries in Andorra.

For those who are beginners in the cross-country skiing, the Megaverda slope is a 8km long walk in theVallnord Ordino-Arcalis ski resort, and guided trails could also be arranged.

However, if you are cross-country skiing experts, you will find several trails of various difficulty levels. A challenge: cross-country ski up to the Font Blanc peak?

More information will always be available at the hotel reception, or at the closest Tourism Office.

At the Ordino area there are many options to practice extreme sports: cross-country skiing, speed riding and heliski.

Try speed riding, adventure guaranteed!

The speed riding or speed flying is a very modern extreme sport, born in the ‘70s, which consists of flying with a small parachute above steep slopes. These two sports, combined, are even more thrilling, since skiing on all terrains and flying over obstacles becomes possible. In Vallnord Ordino-Arcalis there is a speed riding school. Do you dare trying it?

Have you ever seen anyone skiing with a parachute?

They are practicing speed riding. In Ordino-Arcalis there is a speed riding school, to combine these two sports and jump to the maximum adventure!

Slide down skiing from the very top of the Andorran Pirinees: heliski!

Do you have a good level of ski? Do you want to reach the purest and the wildest snow? You will be able to ski free and off roads… if you go up by helicopter! heliski as an extreme sport appeared in the ‘60s, and consists of reaching by helicopter a place with impossible acces by land, and slide down skiing. You can practice it in the Ordino-Arcalis area, after passing an advanced skiing skills test. Adrenaline guaranteed!

If you can ski very well and you are looking for new experiences in Andorra…

Ready for a complete adventure? diving in Andorra

Do you imagine yourselves diving at more than 2000 metres high? You will be able to experiencediving under ice, both under the daylight and under the moonlight… A good example of this is the diving experience to the Tristaina Lakes (Ordino-Arcalis, 2300 metres high) after going up to the lakes practicing cross-country skiing or by helicopter… are you ready for a new adventure in Andorra?

Do you know that diving is possible in Andorra?

It is a unique experience, under ice and at more than 2000 metres high!