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Xalet Bringué Hotel & Spa: wellness in Andorra

Spa, treatments and massages…

At last, that moment you have longed for has arrived: you have some days off and you would like to escape from everything…
Andorra and the Xalet Bringué Hotel & Spa are the perfect choice.
The exclusive Spa in our hotel is nurtured by the purest mountain waters in Andorra, reviving the origins of the expression Sanitas per Aqua. The Greco-Roman design of our Spa adds a different dimension to our facilities, that have the latest advancements in beauty and personal care.


Our Spa has a strictly controlled maximum capacity, because it has to be intimate, relaxing, personal… because it is for you.

In our Hotel Spa boutique you will find a selection of the products that are used in our treatments and massages, to take a bit of Andorra’s wellness back to home with you.

Our Spa facilities

The Xalet Bringué Hotel Spa represents a contemporary development of the Roman baths, Tepidarium-Caldarium-Frigidarium, combined with the design and the technology of personal care.


Apart from these three baths, in our Spa you will find:



  • Hammam
  • Finnish Sauna
  • Cervical Hydromassage
  • Cervical Airmassage
  • Thermal Ceramic deck chairs
  • Ice shower
  • Dreamshower
  • Scottish Shower
  • Chromotherapy

The Xalet Bringué Hotel & Spa is an exclusive choice for your relax in Andorra: modern facilities in an select space, and a complete massages and treatments menu.

Massages Menu

Come to Andorra to indulge yourselves: Treatments and massages at the Xalet Bringué Hotel

Andorra is both a synonym of adventures, great emotions, and relax and wellness. For this reason, apart from our Hotel Spa facilities, we offer you a wide range of massages and treatments.

Let our professional hands make your tiredness disappear in Andorra… and turn it into wellness. In ourmassages and treatments menu, you will find suggestions as interesting and attractive as a head and neck massage, a local massage, massages and treatments with Argan oil, with ingredients such as myrrh, mandarin and ylang oils, with regenerating and anti-ageing properties. Moreover, you will have aromatherapy and semi-precious stones treatments, liftings and many more treatments at your disposal.

The staff in our Spa will help you to choose the best for you!