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Spa at the Bringué Hotel: relax and wellness in the mountains in Ordino (Andorra)

The spa at the Bringué Hotel has opened in winter 2017 to offer a unique experience of relax and wellness in the heart of Ordino (Andorra).


The facilities of this exclusive spa combine technology, modernity and an elegant design with precious views to the mountains of Andorra.

Our suggestion? Enjoy our fantastic views to the mountains surrounding Ordino (Andorra) while lying on the warm hammocks or on the chaise longues available in the spa.

Facilities of the Bringué Hotel spa

The indoor area of the Bringué Hotel spa consists on a pool with water seats, swan’s neck jets and bubble beds that will provide massages in several parts of the body, perfect to relax all the muscles and enjoy a pleasant experience for the senses.


Other facilities of the Bringué Hotel spa:



  • A Turkish bath, which purifies the pores of the skin and improves the lung capacity.
  • Showers of sensations, with various pressures and temperatures.
  • A bucket shower, which helps to achieve a thermal contrast and which is convenient after a sauna session.
  • The saline wall cabin, where an environment of rock salt of mineral origin is breathed, which helps to improve respiratory health, improves the skin and enhances the mind.
  • A Finnish sauna, to complete a very effective ritual for relaxation.
  • A pool of cold water, to submerge up to the waist and cause a thermal contrast that will stimulate the circulatory system.

If you have any questions, let yourselves be advised by the Bringué Hotel staff: we will be delighted to help you!

Ordino: the best destination for wellness holidays in Andorra

Whether you decide to spend some time at the Bringué Hotel spa after a skiing day in the Vallnord Ordino-Arcalís ski resort (Andorra) or if you visit us in Ordino on purpose in a relax and wellness getaway, in our spa you will find the calm environment that will allow you to achieve a full state of relaxation.


We highly recommend you to visit us with time, tranquillity and willingness to relax and enjoy a unique spa experience in the mountains, surrounded by the beautiful environment of Ordino (Andorra).